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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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person... i don't think i could be without it >> now, this trailblazer is opening the door for others >> i wanna give back to ballet what it's done for me... >> every sunday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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this this this. >> now free. but or deal continues. he stole us about adjusting to life outside prison. >> it's a great day for everyone exciting to hear the news about peter and i talked also also with baher and mohammed fahmy, concerned that they also be released. it's hard to describe how strange it is to be lockets up so long and so cut off where you
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have no sense of -- you loose all sense of yourself because, of course there is no devices of any -- no electronic devices. not even a mirror so you don't even know what you look like. so to -- for peter to look at a mirror for the first time in 400 days days, that's a strange experience. reuniteing with family is extraordinary. it's difficult of course because the world wants your story and it is very hard. we had a hard time condensing down what 50 days was like. for them 400 days is just unimaginable. >> the nigerian army has driven out boka haram fighters from borno state before. it comes two weeks before national elections and the day after the african union announced it would send in regional force to fight the
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armed group. more from the capital, abujah. >> reporter: after the military in collaboration with civilians and vigilantes are repled and attacked from four different locations on the city of maidrugi. a security force told them that they have been chased away and now, there is a raging battle currently going on the town of mafa after the failure of boka haram to take over maiduguri. they have been trying to take it for three times since the beginning of this year. on all occasions, they have been successfully repled by the military and vigilantes. this is coming at a time when boka haram suffered defeat in the hands of the nigerian and chadian military following the launch of attacks on several positions of boka haram in northeast nigeria. this morning's attacks signify the desperation on the part of boka haram to continue to make
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inroads into borno state and perhaps to expand its area of operation in that particular state. this morning should have resulted in the death of several boka haram members according to a security source. >> african leaders have called for the suspension or termination of charges at the international criminal court against sudanese president omar bashier and william rutel. both referred to the icc have been accused of crimes against humanity. leaders are accusing the icc of disproportionately targeting sfraningz. they want the court to the address their concerns about discrimination and change its founding treaty before charges are reinstated. the editor of the african press joins us live from london. thank you for joining us. talk us through the standoff between the icc and the au?
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>> the african union has opposed to the charges against bashir but not as strongly as those brought against kenyan president kanato alongside charges brought against rutesults. they refer to post election violence when ruto and kenyo were on separate sides of the political divinede but the a.u. has viewed this as -- was broadly with viewed this as an assault on african sovereignty, the fact that an african head of state can be taken before the icc. so they have opposed the icc claiming that it's an impair tive institution even if it was set up, it's being co-opted by malanal external influences. they are trying to push it back. >> do you think they are right? many within the a.u. say why do you focus africa when a lot of them call for george bush and
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tony blair to face trial for lie to go their people. >> there are very legitmit criticisms. of the 26 cases it has looked at every single one has been african. it has real failings in the types of crimes it can look at. however, the way in which the idea of sovereignty has been allied with presidents only with leaders, how leaders can't be brought to justice but leaders of rebel organizations can does sort of stick in the face for inpunitive. the challenge for the icc, in order to get any credibility back across the african african continent, they need to demonstrate it's not an institution controlled by outside forces. in netanyahu's speech to the icc yesterday on -- sorry to the african union about the icc, he
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alluded to the outside forces to which for political and economic reasons he says are trying to control the continent. now, that is significantly overstated and they are not trying to control the continent necessarily through overthrowing him that. wouldn't necessarily be to anyone -- you know to the u.s.'s interests or anyone else he is insinuating but the icc does have this terrible -- this terrible image problem which isn't just held by the club of leaders at the au. >> big topics little time. james schneider thank you for talking to us. japan] government says it's likely a video showing the apparent killing of japanese journalist kenji goto. and it is described as a hineous act of trailer. caroline malone reports. >> reporter: shock, sadness and sympathy for kenji goto's family expressed by people in tokoyo. crowds gathered outside the
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prime minister office after they found out the veteran reporter had most likely been murdered in syria by the islamic state of iraq in the levant. >> he always hoped to make the world a place without any wars and to save children from war and poverty. i promise here to carry out his legacy. >> earlier, prime minister shinzo abe said a video released by is ill showing them killing goto was most likely real. >> we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrific act of terrorism and denounce it in the strongest terms. to the terrorists we will never, never forgive you for this act. >> kenji goto had gone into syria last year, partly to help rescue another person. >> person has likely been killed. goto made a video making it clear he knew the risks.
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some people feel the killing of two japanese people by is ill in a week will change perceptions in japan. >> unfortunately, i think this incident will further degrade the islamic image in japan, and this is a real tragedy because, of course the hostage crisis in the -- and the terrorism going on north earn iraq and syria has little to do with islam and much more to do with extremism. >> some people in the islamic community are worried about a backlash but say it's unglooivenling minorities are well-treated in japan. >> i hope that there will be no misunderstanding because what happened, what we heard this morning in the news it has nothing to do with islam. >> reporter: the news of the death of two japanese nationals within two weeks has made an impact. it's already greatly affected some people here caroline malone al jazeera. >> the jordanian government
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released a statement condemning the killing. the statement also talks about a jordanian pilot cal toured by isil. it says jordan has made all efforts to save kenji goto's life. we have been communicating with the japanese government on this matter. we are still making all efforts to find evidence that the jordanian pilot is safe and to ensure his release to jordan. still to come no way to go for the syrian refugees whose hopes much returning home are crumbling. thousands of protesters take to the streets in hong kong to renew calls for free elections.
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>> because i was african american i was trying to fit in >> misty copleland's journey wasn't easy >> dancing gave me the opportunity to grow into the person... i don't think i could be without it >> now, this trailblazer is opening the door for others >> i wanna give back to ballet what it's done for me...
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>> i'm ali velshi, the news has become this thing where you talk to experts about people and al jazeera has really tried to talk to people, about hello again. top stories on al jazeera. one of our journalists, peter greste has been freedom after 400 days behind bars. he was arrested alongside our colleagues. they remain behind bars and al jazeera continues to demand their release. the nigerian army has driven out boka haram fighters from borno state but fighting is underway in the town of mafa. the attack of maidguri comes two weeks before national elections and a day after the african union announced it would send in a regional force to fight the group. japan says it is likely that a video reis reduceproduced by isis is likely autheventic. he condemned the beheading calling it a hineous act of
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terrorism. more on the breaking news the release of our colleague, peter greste. we spoke to the managing director of al jazeera english. here is what he had to say about greste's release. >> we are immensely relieved that peter is out of detention, that peter is currently on his way with his brother home to be reunited with his family. we we need to pay tribute to peter and his family and our colleagues and their families for the strength and resilience demonstrated for this extraordinary amount of time against this extraordinary injustice that was meted out to them. there is an irony today. there is no celebration in the release of an innocent man. peter, a wonderful journalist guilty much nothing about from carrying out the best journalism in the world. yet, has spent 400 days behind bars. so, i am mentionly relieved. but the other thing that we have got to focus on today is that bahar and homed are still behind
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bars. the same injustice being the world's best journalist among the best world's best journalists. 40 days and they are behind bars and seven much our colleagues sentenced to 10 years in absentia outside of egypt. they are still sentenced today. the solidarity the support demonstrated on behalf of peter, ba. hra and mohammed has been i am massachusetts, from politicians, media around the globe and hundreds of thousands of people who care about their right to be informed who care about the freedom of speech and they care about the fact that they have a right to be heard that. solidarity and support willhas been i am mention. we are extremely grateful for it. we cannot rest until the injustice is brought to an end. we are immensely relieved today. >> an explosion in the syrian capital has left at least seven people dead. it happened in the center of damascus at the entrance to the humdia market.
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initially reports suggest it was an improvised explosive device placed on a desk. more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. >> this is a rare attack in the center of damascus. the reports we are hearing is it happened on a bus or near a bus, a lebanese bus caring shia pilgrims to damaskas to a shia shrine. this is notnub. this happens every weekend pilgrims will gol on a pilgrimage. we are hearing number of people dead and wounded in this attack. the syrian capital is relatively safe. there is fighting on the out skirts with rebels. when it comes to the center we haven't seen an attack like this for at least a year also >> why perhaps this being a target of course the lebanese articled group the shia group hezbollah is fighting on the side of the syrian regime in damascus against the rebels. so a complex web of aleak answers, perhaps to show you who, why they are being targeted, of course but the
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significance of this and the attack of this scal an ied and a bomb placed in the center of damascus is very rare. the people who fled the islamic state of iraq in the levant in kobane are sheltering in turkey desperate to return home most of their houses have been destroyed and surrounding villages are under the armed group's control. from turkey hoda reports. >> reporter: they fled as quickly as they could. gunfire became closer not knowing for how long they will be gone. >> three of my grandsons are fighting. one is wounded, but the two others are on the front line. i am so proud of them. when i go back i will eat the soil. i want to go even if i have to sleep in a grave.
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>> reporter: going back home is what many hope for after kobae fell under the control of the kurdish unit. rohan was hoping to see her brother. he has been on the front line for four months. >> i am very happy. first time i feel like this. my people defended their land and they won. >> reporter: but the islamic state of iraq in the levant control the villages. it is in ruins. the border is closed to civilians. tie instead opened a more permanent settle ment on the outskirts of the town of soluch. >> this camp has opened doors recently. it's the biggest yet dmunt tree. both turkey and kurdish officials say it's too early for civilians to cross back in to kobane for safety reasons. despite the wishes of many of the refugees they will have to stay here for a while.
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there are 37 tents for 35,000 people t has a playground and will open two schools for 10,000 children. people already are settling in. the mood is at great as the weather. >> like many the family ran out of money. living in a camp is the only choice. >> i have my home a car and a truck. i own 20 hectares of land. we had to leave all of this behind. i did not think anything -- i did not take anything with me except the cot for our child. we are all in this situation. >> moving to the camp just a few days after the recapture of kobane has left many people deeply disappointed. they wonder if it will take weeks, months or years before
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they return home.
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. >> under this block flats we find alexander and his family, it's cold and damp. the sound of the shelling reverb rates. >> we have to come down here because of what's going on. we can see what's happening now. how can we stay in our apartment? during a lull in the firing we head further into town where we heard the shells landing. realtives have just pulled 86-year-old yadoka from her base ment only moments before. her house is destroyed. they lead her to a neighbor's home and medics arrive to treat her. i live alone. i was sitting in the corner. i only just survived.
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>> reporter: the 40s of the blast smashed the windows of this home. shamnell is embedded in the walls above the bed. >> why do i have to live like this? why are they killing us? why? . >> outside, another neighbor appears from her damaged house? . >> how can they possibly do this? what am i to do now? i don't know what to do. i think i just saw my own death. >> the repeated failure of truce negotiations means this community and many others are crossing ukrainian army controlled territory will have to continue to live in fear. as we drive out of town separatists' heavy weapons pass us heading towards the front line. charles stratford, al jazeera, yunakovia, eastern ukraine. thousands of protesters have
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marched demand free elections notice territory. it is the first rally since mass demonstrations last year. police police cleared their camps in december. from hong kong's district organizers had hoped around 50,000 people would attend today's rally. i would suggest it's closer to 10,000 people. it started at the business shopping district of causeway bay, made its way there to where we are now right in the heart of hong kong's financial district where the protests began last year. now, hask it that was has been blocked. the people are now until right in the middle of the financial center. 2000 police were deployed to oversee this rally. so far there have been no confrontations. it's very much a pavings rally. any efforts to resolve this through public consultations with the government has failed. beijing has always said they will uphold basic laws which means there will be a public election in 2017, but they will choose the candidates. they will appoint those
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candidates for who the hong kong government and the hong kong residents can appoint or vote for. having said that protesters know given those talks have failed they believe the only way forward may be holding rallies like this to try to address what they want which is greater voting rights in the 2017 election. >> high tides in venus haven't damp ended the spirits of visitors. the italian is famous for elaborate maveningz and costumes. this report. >> reporter: high spirits and high water on the day carnivale came together. the carnivale kick started with a traditional parade of costumes on the city's canals. did you carnivale goers were caught by surprise by another ven he's spec tech calling. >> there is one other event aside from carnivale, which is typically ven ishan, high tide.
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on sunday venice got both. flooded saint marks square but it's not a little bit of water that is stopping ven he'ses from partying. venvenitivians from partying. ven ven. a grand piano for a grand opening. >> nothing can stop us. water, air, from enjoying life. >> typical ven he's venvenicians ven. the main attracts the grat machingz masks and lavish costumes. >> food is like carnivale. it's a celebration of life. . >> the first was held in the 13th century as a street party for the lower classes. hidden blind the masks, rich and poor looked equal even if for just a few days.
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for the for the next two weeks, it will be less about hiding behind a mask and more about dressing to impress. claudia longa, al jazeera, venice. >> all the color, more updated on our website 24 hours a did a. headlines are next.